• Clinical Validation of an Immune Quiescence Gene Expression Signature in Kidney Transplantation.

      Akalin, Enver; Weir, Matthew R; Bunnapradist, Suphamai; Brennan, Daniel C; Delos Santos, Rowena; Langone, Anthony; Djamali, Arjang; Xu, Hua; Jin, Xia; Dholakia, Sham; et al. (American Society of Nephrology, 2021-09-28)
      AlloMap Kidney classifier scores in the primary validation set differed significantly between quiescence (median, 9.49; IQR, 7.68-11.53) and rejection (median, 13.09; IQR, 11.25-15.28), with P<0.001. In the second validation set, the cohorts were statistically different (P=0.03) and the medians were similar to the primary validation set. The AUC for discriminating rejection from quiescence was 0.786 for the primary validation and 0.800 for the second validation. AlloMap Kidney results were not significantly correlated with AlloSure, although both were elevated in rejection. The ability to discriminate rejection from quiescence was improved when AlloSure and AlloMap Kidney were used together (AUC, 0.894).