• Gauging the impact of cancer treatment modalities on circulating tumor cells (Ctcs)

      Mathias, T.J.; Chang, K.T.; Martin, S.S.; Vitolo, M.I. (MDPI AG, 2020)
      The metastatic cascade consists of multiple complex steps, but the belief that it is a linear process is diminishing. In order to metastasize, cells must enter the blood vessels or body cavities (depending on the cancer type) via active or passive mechanisms. Once in the bloodstream and/or lymphatics, these cancer cells are now termed circulating tumor cells (CTCs). CTC numbers as well as CTC clusters have been used as a prognostic marker with higher numbers of CTCs and/or CTC clusters correlating with an unfavorable prognosis. However, we have very limited knowledge about CTC biology, including which of these cells are ultimately responsible for overt metastatic growth, but due to the fact that higher numbers of CTCs correlate with a worse prognosis; it would seem appropriate to either limit CTCs and/or their dissemination. Here, we will discuss the different cancer treatments which may inadvertently promote the mobilization of CTCs and potential CTC therapies to decrease metastasis. Copyright 2020 by the authors.