• AAPM Task Group Report 290: Respiratory motion management for particle therapy.

      Li, Heng; Dong, Lei; Bert, Christoph; Chang, Joe; Flampouri, Stella; Jee, Kyung-Wook; Lin, Liyong; Moyers, Michael; Mori, Shinichiro; Rottmann, Joerg; et al. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2022-01-23)
      Dose uncertainty induced by respiratory motion remains a major concern for treating thoracic and abdominal lesions using particle beams. This Task Group report reviews the impact of tumor motion and dosimetric considerations in particle radiotherapy, current motion-management techniques, and limitations for different particle-beam delivery modes (i.e., passive scattering, uniform scanning, and pencil-beam scanning). Furthermore, the report provides guidance and risk analysis for quality assurance of the motion-management procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy, and discusses future development and emerging motion-management strategies. This report supplements previously published AAPM report TG76, and considers aspects of motion management that are crucial to the accurate and safe delivery of particle-beam therapy. To that end, this report produces general recommendations for commissioning and facility-specific dosimetric characterization, motion assessment, treatment planning, active and passive motion-management techniques, image guidance and related decision-making, monitoring throughout therapy, and recommendations for vendors. Key among these recommendations are that: (1) facilities should perform thorough planning studies (using retrospective data) and develop standard operating procedures that address all aspects of therapy for any treatment site involving respiratory motion; (2) a risk-based methodology should be adopted for quality management and ongoing process improvement.