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      Raising the dead : Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and the AICD [1]
      Raising the profile of the library and the profession. Benefitting the University and the community. (SC/MLA) [1]
      Rapid ILL Implementation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Health Sciences and Human Services Library [1]
      The Real Frankenstein's monster : the creation of social alienation in the 19th century [1]
      Really Simple Syndication (RSS): The future of content delivery [1]
      Recipe: Selecting the Best Recipe for Website Content Management [1]
      Recovering ILL Copyright Fees: a strategy for success [1]
      Reference at Your Fingertips: Developing New Technology to Increase Access to Reference Services [1]
      Reference at your fingertips: fusing new technology with point of contact service [1]
      Reflecting on Collection Policies in a Changing Environment [1]
      A Regional Advocacy Program for Hospital Librarians [1]
      Renovated, repurposed, and still "one sweet library": A case study on loss of space from the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland, Baltimore [1]
      Renovations to Improve User Satisfaction [1]
      Report of the Campus Center Planning Task Force [1]
      Report to the Maryland Board of Physicians [1]
      Research Translation: Lab to Clinic [1]
      Researching Genealogical Information In An Academic Institutional Archives : An Alumni Database For The University Of Maryland, Baltimore [1]
      Rethinking Website Content Management [1]
      Reviewing Research Consent Forms: A New Library Service [1]
      Richard Behles awarded honorary member of the UMB Medical Alumni Association [1]