• Show me the money: the reality of library costs

      Behles, Richard J.; Gerhart, Brad; Jacoby, Beth; Mayo, Alexa A.; Prince, J. Dale; Raimondo, Paula G.; Tooey, M.J.; Weise, Frieda O. (2001)
      It is no secret that libraries have struggled with annual increases in subscription costs of print-based journals, joined now by increases in license fees and other associated costs for electronic resources. Unfortunately, traditional sources of funding fail to keep pace in support of these escalating expenses. We became intrigued with the idea of dramatizing for our users the similarities between the costs of needed resources, and a variety of real-world goods. We assembled an exhibit in a variety of media, to demonstrate these comparisons. Scanned copies of journal covers lay side-by-side with ads for such desirables as world cruises, luxurious sport cars, and refrigerator/freezers. This offered an interesting perspective on the nature of many "must-have" titles, as they are likened to big-ticket items that many of us can never afford. Individual cost factoids decorated study tables and restroom stalls, reminding the public about discrepancies between rising costs and dwindling available funds, and dispelling the misconception that "tuition covers it." Selected examples graced the screen of our web page. A common theme throughout was the fact that when we buy these expensive items, we do so every year, at progressively higher costs each time. This poster affords a glimpse of our presentation, and a look at some of the interesting comparisons.