• Report to the Maryland Board of Physicians

      Perman, Jay A.; Hoffmann, Diane; Klein, Barbara, M.P.A.; Swikert, Donald; University of Maryland, Baltimore (2012-07)
      The University of Maryland, Baltimore submits this report to provide guidance to the Maryland Board of Physicians as requested in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), effective April 2, 2012, between the University of Maryland, Baltimore and the Maryland Board of Physicians. As set forth in the MOU, our report was written: "(1) to assist the Board in evaluating its complaint resolution procedures; (2) to assist the Board in preparing a response to Complaint Resolution Issues identified in Chapter 3 of the Evaluation of the State Board of Physicians and the Related Allied Health Advisory Committees issued by the Department of Legislative Services, Office of Policy Analysis, November 2011; and (3) to provide analysis and advice concerning other issues addressed in that Evaluation, as recommended by the University and as determined appropriated by the Board after consultation with the University." Our goal in writing the report and making recommendations was to assist the Board to streamline and more timely discharge its responsibilities to protect the public through licensing, regulation, and education while ensuring accountability, transparency, and fairness throughout the process.