• HSHSL COVID-19 Telework Weekly Email Updates: September 2021

      Tooey, M.J.; Nguyen, Tony; Mayo, Alexa A. (2021-09)
      The COVID-19 Pandemic began in Maryland in March 2020, as a result the University of Maryland, Baltimore went to telework. Mandatory telework ended June 2021. These emails reflect the HSHSL's decisions surrounding COVID-19 and the accomplishments for September 2021.
    • HSHSL Day of Service Donation Projects

      Baker, Christina; Beaulieu, Colette; Betz, Gail; Burcat, Kirsten; Downton, Katherine; Patterson, Nancy; Nguyen, Tony; Pinho, Thom; Wink, Tara (2020-06-23)
      The HS/HSL 's Outreach Service Task Force organized its first virtual Day of Service in June 2020. The event was done virtually as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and a way to make the staff feel connected while teleworking. Participants gave donations to Better World Books, Purple Heart, food banks, blood banks, Assistance Center of Towson Churches, Dogtor Loki's Hero Healing Kits, Meals on Wheels, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Harford County Humane Society.
    • Social Media Communication: An evaluation of its impact and value in promotion and public awareness

      Youngkin, C. Andrew; Snow-Croft, Sheila L.; Nguyen, Tony (2014-10)
      Objective: To measure the impact of social media technologies to communicate health information and programming news to network members in the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) Southeastern/Atlantic (SE/A) Region.