• Connections: emergency preparedness for librarians and emergency management personnel in Maryland

      Berlanstein, Debra R.; Grier, Persko L., Jr.; Solomon, Meredith (2010-10)
      This poster describes a one-day event hosted by the University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library to bring together librarians from across Maryland with emergency planning personnel to share ideas, establish partnerships, and bring attention to how libraries and emergency agencies can work together in an emergency situation.
    • Final report on WorldCat Local by the HSHSL WCL Task Group

      Pinkas, Maria M.; Klein, Ilene Robin; Del Baglivo, Megan D.; Berlanstein, Debra R.; Hinegardner, Patricia G. (2010-04-01)
      Report following an evaluation of WorldCat Local as a discovery tool for the Health Sciences and Human Services Library of the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The study concludes that this discovery tool is not adequate for HSHSL's users' needs, and encourages further investigation on other discovery tools. ≤
    • Impact factors: locating, deciphering and understanding

      Berlanstein, Debra R. (2011-04)
      The author, Head of References and Research Services at HSHSL of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, looks at Impact Factor and other related measurements of "value" or "prestige" used to evaluate scientific publications, and the research work of institutions and individuals.
    • Library Savvy: Forging Clear Paths to Improve Library Skills at the University of Maryland, Baltimore

      Berlanstein, Debra R.; Harris, Ryan L.; Hinegardner, Patricia G.; Tatro, Anna; Nanavati, Julie (2008-10)
    • Reflecting on Collection Policies in a Changing Environment

      Douglas, C. Steven; Berlanstein, Debra R.; Blanck, Jaime; Harris, Ryan L.; Klein, Ilene Robin; Mayo, Alexa A. (2010-05)
    • Reviewing Research Consent Forms: A New Library Service

      Berlanstein, Debra R.; Harris, Ryan L. (2011-05)
      Objective: Librarians recognized a need for better quality consent forms while serving on the university’s institutional review board. This involves ensuring that they are written at an appropriate reading level and are clear and understandable to prospective research participants. A pilot service was designed by the reference department to assist investigators in creating quality consent forms prior to their protocol submission.
    • Trimming the Fat: A Weeding Case Report

      Tooey, M.J.; Bass, Wilma; Behles, Richard J.; Berlanstein, Debra R.; Bodycomb, Aphrodite; Brown, Everly; Drummond, Persia; Gresehover, Beverly; Knott, Teresa L.; Lyons, Tierney; et al. (2007-10)