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Title: Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1967 (Part 1)
Date: 1967
Subject Keywords: University of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistry
Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertations
Baltimore (Md.)
Description: Dissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1967.
This record describes the content of 1967 part 1 of 4 (A-E).
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Type: dissertation
Table of Content: This volume contains the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery”: Trends toward socialization in dentistry / by Abrams, Stuart B. ; A clinical evaluation of zephiran chloride / by Archambault, Pierre B. and Bergstresser, Ann ; Determination of the average facial and gonadal exposure dose of X-radiation for a dental clinic population using thermoluminescent dosimetry / by Behan, Richard L. ; The effect of varying milliamperage-seconds and kilovoltage peak on the diagnostic quality of the dental radiograph / by Belvin, Bruce G. ; Oral foci of infection / by Bernsohn, Jay M. ; Forensic dentistry / by Brown, Phillip C. ; A quantitative analysis of calcium in the salivas of “caries-active” and “caries-immune” individuals / by Brownstein, Marshall P. and Bussey, William F., Jr. ; Epidemiological study of recurrent aphthous ulcers in a professional school student population / by Bukzin, Mitchell J. ; The management of mandibular fractures / by Chyzus, Paul J. ; Clinical radiotherapy in the management of oral malignancies – the dentist’s role and responsibility /by Clausen, Howard W. ; An analysis of the incidence of periodontal disease in correlation with age, sex, race, and socio-economic level of the patient / by Collins, Gary R. and Senier, Barry J. ; Teratological effects of the tetracycline antibiotics in the laboratory mouse / by Commette, Joseph P. ; The results of a dental examination of a group of trainable retarded children / by Dashiell, Earl S. and Hurley, George R. ; Audio analgesia in dentistry / by Davis, John E. and Easmann, Ronald P. ; The incidence of cardiovascular disease among the patients of the clinic at the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland / by DeRussy, Daniel M. and DeVries, Charles H. ; Television advertising and dentistry / by Donahue, Gerald A. ; Diagnosis and the etiology of malocclusion / by Dunigan, John ; The affects of licensure and reciprocity on the practice of dentistry / by Einhorn, Stanley A. ; Bactericidal activity of synthesized azasteroids, relative to established antimicrobial agents in the presence of selected representatives of the oral microbial flora / by Esquire, Robert G.
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