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Title: University of Maryland, Baltimore Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Black History Month 2018
MLKProgram2018.pdf  (3.49 MB)  
MLK Event Revisits Protests Past and Present - 2018.pdf  (2.37 MB)  
MLKOutstandingUMB FacultyAward_Hassel_2018.pdf  (515.9 kB)  
MLKOutstandingUMBStaffAward_CUREStaff_2018.pdf  (539.5 kB)  
MLKOutstandingUMB StudentAward_Otto_2018.pdf  (456.83 kB)  
Date: 2018-02-01
Subject Keywords: Black History Month
African American History Month
Hassel, Bret A.
Otto, Tiffany C.
Hammond, Pamela V.
University of Maryland, Baltimore
Description: Program of UMB's event celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Black History Month. Included is a biography of the keynote speaker, Pamela V. Hammond, and the recipients of the MLK Diversity Recognition Awards: Outstanding UMB Faculty Award: Bret A. Hassel, PhD; Outstanding UMB Student Award: Tiffany C. Otto; and Outstanding UMB Staff Award: UMB CURE Scholars Program
Type: Brochure/Program
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