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Title: Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1943 (March, Parts 1-3)
Date: 1943-03
Subject Keywords: University of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistry
Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
dental surgery
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertations
Surgery, Oral
Dental Caries
Mouth Diseases
Public Health Dentistry
Description: Dissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1943.
This record describes the content of three separate bound volumes.
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Type: dissertation
Table of Content: These volumes contain the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery.” Part 1: Facial neuralgia and reflected pain about the face and jaws / by Birghenthal, Murray ; The incidence of dental caries during pregnancy / by Bleveins, John Pershing ; The systemic factors involved in the etiology of cervical tooth erosion / by Book, David Randall ; Silicate restorations / by Bryce, Frank Jackson ; The amalgam restoration as a treatment for dental caries / by Carey, Asher Burton ; Treatment of fracture of the mandible and maxilla received in military combat / by Carter, Wiliam Page ; Oral symptoms and treatments of chronic diseases of the mucous membrane of which the practitioner should be aware. / by Carvalho, John Costa ; Infected sockets / by Check, Oscar ; The present status of root canal therapy / by Cierler, Irving Jay ; Surgical treatment for abnormal conditions of the mandible / by Cirrito, William Jack ; Silver nitrate-its uses in dentistry / by Cook, George Peter ; Pulpal diseases / by Cooper, Harry Wolf ; The effect of the endocrines on the development of the face, teeth and jaws / by Czachorowski, Leo Joseph ; Leukemia and its oral manifestations / by De Young, George Marinus ; The use of x-ray in general dentistry / by DiGristine, Charles Lawrence ; Cleft palates: etiology, surgical repair and prognosis / by DiTrolio, James Vincent ; Relationship of the incidence of smooth surface caries to oral hygiene / by Dulberg, Sidney ; The use of prosthetic appliances following destructive diseases and disfiguring accidents to the oral cavity and surrounding tissues / by Eff, Leo ; The anesthetics used in dentistry / by Feigenbaum, Irivng ; Bur vs. hand instruments in cavity preparation / by Feldman, Milton Julius ; The present concept of the theory of focal infection / by Fishman, Leo ; The calcification of tooth structures / by Foxman, Paul Barr ; The application of the basic science to gold inlay fabrication / by Gardner, Mont Morris ; Root canal therapy / by Goodman, Harold Harvey ; Dental caries in relation to carbohydrate and protein metabolism with special attention to ph equilibration / by Green, Willard Theodore ; The treatment of Vincent’s infection / by Greifer, Albert Bernard. Part 2: Histology: An aid in the treatment of sensitive teeth and desensitization of the dentin / by Hauss, Howard Joel ; An evaluation of anesthetic risks in dental practice / by Heller, Stanley Harold ; Tic douloureux: etiology, diagnosis, and treatment / by Herman, Paul Alden ; Amalgam versus inlay / by Kaufman, Morton ; Normal occlusion / by Klein, Joseph ; Habits associated with malocclusion / by Klinger, Seymour Stanley ; Various types of clasps and their uses / by Kraman, Hyman ; Impressions for partial dentures / by Krugman, Leonard ; The role of sulfonamides in dentistry / by Kushner, Jack ; Leading technics in full denture prosthesis / by Langel, Lester ; The effect of carbohydrates on caries / by Leatherbury, George Porter ; The roentgenogram in periapical involvement diagnosis / by Lee, William Glenwood ; Immediate denture prosthesis / by Leibowitz, Bernard Benjamin ; Maintaining the correct vertical relationship of the maxillary-mandibular structures by means of full cast partial dentures / Lepine, Arthur Joseph ; Lymph node biopsies and their associate oral lesions / by Levine, Lawrence Bertram ; The mechanical aspects of cavity preparation / by Levy, Herbert Stanley ; Dentistry in a small town / by Libby, Lewis Simpson, Jr. ; The etiology of malocclusion / by Liloia, Michael Peter ; Hypoplasia of human enamel / by McAtee, Kenneth Stuart ; Tumors of strictly dental origin / by Martino, Alfred Albert ; Central incisors in man and animal / by Mass, Calvin ; Plastic surgery in the repair of facial wounds received in wartime / by Masserman, Joseph ; The etiology of periodontoclasia / by Mehring, Richard Sterling ; The importance of balanced occlusion in full denture prosthesis / by Menius, John White, Jr. ; The design and construction of partial dentures / by Nussbaum, Phillip ; The innervation of the dentin / by O’Meara, John Owen ; Dental acrylics in denture work / by Onesti, Vincent Robert ; Fluorine and its relationship to mottled enamel / by Pedinoff, Phillip Ruben ; Cleft-palate and its mechanical treatment / by Pfeffer, Harry George. Part 3: The effects of oral surgery and anesthesia on patients with diseases of the heart / by Reilly, James Thomas ; Attachments in stationary bridgework / by Robinson, Maurice C. ; Etiology and treatment of oral hemorrhage / by Rosenberg, Morris Karl ; Influence of the diet on the teeth and the jaws / by Rosenfeld, Mortimer ; The dental aspects of the diabetic patient / by Rubin, Norman Harold ; The evolution of dentition in man / by Rubin, William ; The problem of the socialization of dentistry ; Sterilization of dentin / by Schechter, Alexander ; A statistical study of dental hard tissue findings, with special references to the incidence of bilateral caries / by Scott, David Bytovetzski ; Uses of anesthesia in pediodontia / by Seides, Justin Mandfred ; Salivary secretion in response to dental operations / by Shane, Sylvan Myron Elliot ; The relation of the dentist to the commercial dental laboratory / by Shaw, Daniel ; Aerylies in operative dentistry / by Shilkret, Robert Theodore ; Clinical significance of early loss of first permanent molar / by Simpson, Thomas Rex ; Deep infections of the neck / by Skowroneck, Marvin ; Oral manifestations of vitamin deficiencies / by Smith, Russell Phillips ; Dental caries and periodontoclasia / by Spanier, Eugene ; the dentist’s responsibility in conserving and promoting child health / by Stern, Martin ; Diet in relation to periodontal disease / by Sucoll, Sidney ; Procaine with related alkaloids / by Turnstall, William Massie, Jr. ; Asepsis in the dental office / by Walsh, Albert Joseph ; Tissue changes incidental to orthodontic tooth movement / by Watson, Benjamin Miller ; Information for parents concerning the deciduous teeth / by Wilkinson, Milton Snell ; Affect of calculus on the periodontal tissues / by Yablonski, Anthony Peter ; Oral manifestations of syphilis / by Yalovitz, Marvin Sigmond ; Practical uses of gold foil in general practice / by Zahn, Julius.
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