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Title: Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, Dental School, University of Maryland Theses 1937 (Parts 1 and 2)
Date: 1937
Subject Keywords: University of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Dentistry
Doctor of Dental Surgery
University of Maryland, Baltimore. Dental School, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery
dental surgery
Baltimore College of Dental Surgery--Dissertations
Surgery, Oral
Dental Caries
Pediatric Dentistry
Dental Restoration, Permanent
Tooth Diseases
Mouth Diseases
Description: Dissertations (D.D.S.), Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1937.
This record describes the content of two separate bound volumes.
Available in print only in closed stacks at the Health Sciences and Human Services Library.
Type: dissertation
Table of Content: These volumes contain the following manuscripts described as Senior Thesis presented to the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery for the Degree of “Doctor of Dental Surgery." Part 1: Advertising in Dentistry / by Glick, George H. ; Alveolectomy in Prosthetic Dentistry / by Reynolds, Jotham Gay ; Amalgam Restorations / by Levitas, Guilford ; Anatomic versus Non-Anatomic Tooth Forms in Prosthetic Dentistry / by Moorefield, Paul B. ; Anesthesia-Its Relation to Dentistry / by Downs, Joseph L. ; Bone and Tissue Changes in Orthodontia Treatment / by Pugh, Gordon S. ; Carcinoma of the Oral Cavity / by Byer, Joseph ; Chair Position and Instrumentation in Operative Dentistry / by Downes, Kenneth F. ; Childhood Diseases and Their Effect on Teeth and Jaws / by Reilly, Bernard H. ; Children’s Dentistry / by Leonard, Melvin P. ; Contribution that Organized Dentistry Has Given to the General Practitioner of Dentistry / by Mirabella, Joseph A., Jr. ; Dental Granulamata / by Friedberg, Herbert ; Development and Effect of the Superior Maxillary Frenum, also its Surgical Removal / by Kanelos, Peter T. ; Development of Modern Operative Dentistry / by Gare, Morris R. ; Enamel Hypoplasia, Etiology, etc. / by Shobin, Jack ; Erosion: Its Probably Cause and Treatment / by Davis, Henry ; Establishing the Vertical Relations of the Upper and Lower Jaws in Edentulous Mouths / by Finkelstein, Louis B. ; Esthetics in Dentistry / by Silverstein, William B. ; Etiology of Dental Caries / by Swinehart, Darwin R. ; Exodontia-a Specialty / by Richardson, Richard E. ; Exodontia in General Dentistry / by Roh, Franklin J. ; First Permanent Molar / by Nacrelli, Chris A. ; Fixed versus Removable Bridgework / by Fox, Isadore E. ; Folklore of the Teeh / by Poster, Benjamin L. ; Foreign Bodies of Dental Origin in the Air Passages and Lungs / by Davis, Mark O. ; Fractures of the Mandible / by Miksinski, Boleslaw W. ; Gingivitis / by Heuser, V. Lemoine ; Gold Inlays: Wax Pattern and Casting / by Burton, Wilbur D., Jr. ; Immediate Dentures / by Simington, William B. ; Impressions for Full Dentures / by Aks, Harry ; Indications for the Extraction of Teeth / by Simon, Morris D. ; Influence of Diet on Dentition from Pre-natal Life to Adolescence / by Markos, Simon G. ; Interrelationship of Dental Practice and Medicine / by Salvatore, Joseph. Part 2: Local Anesthesia in General Practice / by Gaudreau, Raymond J. ; Malocclusion, Etiology, and Treatment / by Shure, Maurice D. ; Mandibular Fractures and their Treatment / by Beetham, Curtis M. ; Metals Used in Dentistry / by Jones, Donald B. ; Modern Considerations in the Restoration of Facial Contour by Orthodontia / by Seidler, A. Le Page ; Necessity for a Complete Oral Diagnosis / by Barksy, Sol ; Odontalgia: Type and Treatment / by Gregoire, Gaetan G. ; Oral Manifestations of Systemic Diseases / by Edwards, F. Melvin ; Oral Mucous Membrane Allergies / by Lessow, Harold J. ; Orthodontia as Related to a General Practice / by Reed, Robert A. ; Peridental Diseases / by Colby, M. Rubin ; Personal Equation in Building a Dental Practice / by Ralph, Joseph E. ; Physical Diagnosis in Relation to Dentistry / by Sloan, Isaac W. ; Porcelain in Dentistry / by Levin, David A. ; Present Conception of Focal Infection / by Greenberg, Jesse J. ; Prevention of Decay in Deciduous Teeth / by Caputo, Anthony V. ; Psychology in Dentistry / by Miller, Robert G. ; Reaction of Oral Tissues to Dentures and Denture Materials / by Lubarsky, Milton S. ; Relation of the Endocrine Glands to Dental Disorders / by Eamich, Richard J. ; Relationship of the Deciduous Teeth to the Permanent Denture / by Heck, John C. ; Root Canal Therapy and its Indication / by Sydney, Elmer L. ; Root Canal Therapy and Surgery / by Berman, Irving ; Rubber Dam and its Application in Dentistry / by Myers, Ernest L., Jr. ; Significance of Syphilis to the Dentist / by Hirshorn, Abraham ; Stainless Alloys in Dentistry / by Rosen, Irving H. ; Sterilization in Dentistry / by Yoffe, Gilbert ; Thumbsucking-its Origin and Effect / by Lupshutz, Bernard ; The Toothbrush, Its Use and Abuses / by Kuperstein, Charles B. ; Treatise on Impression Materials and Their Use / by Fulmer, James A. ; Tumors of the Oral Cavity / by Casey, William R. ; Use of Drugs in Dentistry / by Berkowitz, Bernard R. ; Value of Knowledge of Jurisprudence to the Art and Practice of Dentistry / by Lavine, Harold H. ; Value of the X-Ray in Oral Diagnosis / by Jacobs, Vivian ; Variations in Eruption Periods of Permanent Teeth / by Zerdy, Alfonce ; Vincent’s Infection / by Zeiner, Raymond E. ; When Should Orthodontic Treatment be Instituted? / by Clewlow, Albert T. ; Zinc Phosphate Cements / by Riggin, Harry E.
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