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Title: Cartography 2.0 – Re-Mapping Skills Across the Curriculum
2016 AACP poster - Lab curriculum Cartography_final_7_8_16.pdf  (368.78 kB)  
Authors: Tran, Deanna
Ives, Amy L.
Lebovitz, Lisa
Date: 2016-07
Abstract: Objectives: To horizontally and vertically integrate skills training and learning outcomes in a 6-course skills-based lab series. Method: Changes in course managers and curriculum over time led to course drift in the 6-course “Abilities Labs” series. Motivated by the issuance of ACPE Standards 2016, a day-long retreat was held with all lab course managers, P4 teaching elective students, the lab pharmacist, the Instructional Design fellow and Vice Chair of Education. Small groups reviewed Standards 2016, the school’s learning outcomes, and assessed key skills across the laboratory curriculum. Each skill was evaluated for possible gaps or duplication and potential improvement. From this discussion, a year-long implementation plan was developed. Results: The following key skills were mapped across the laboratory curriculum: Communication, Drug Information, Physical Assessment, Sterile product preparation, Community Dispensing, Pharmacy Law, SOAP notes, and Compounding. The retreat participants found that drug information content was fragmented throughout the curriculum, vital signs were assessed repetitively, communication skills were not covered, and physical assessment activities were limited. The following revisions were recommended and implemented: communication activities were developed for each lab course, drug information activities were revised to include specific resource utilization, physical assessment activities including vital signs were developed using simulation technology, duplicate vital signs assessments were either eliminated or revised to include a triage component and community dispensing and sterile product preparation now includes a verification station for students to practice checking technicians. Implications: We successfully revised laboratory skills across the curriculum by mapping activities to the 2016 standards and will continue with yearly retreats. Read More:
Subject Keywords: Curriculum planning
Pharmacy--Study and teaching
University of Maryland, Baltimore. School of Pharmacy
Education, Pharmacy
Description: Poster presented at the 2016 annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy held July 23-27 in Anaheim, California
Type: Poster/Presentation
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