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Title: President's Message 2015
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Dec.pdf  (2.6 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Nov.pdf  (5.44 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Oct.pdf  (3.25 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Sept.pdf  (1.94 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-July-Aug.pdf  (3.03 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-June.pdf  (2.27 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-May.pdf  (2.28 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Apr.pdf  (2.94 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Mar.pdf  (2.18 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Feb.pdf  (1.48 MB)  
PRESIDENTS-NEWS-2015-Jan.pdf  (2.7 MB)  
Other Titles: President's Newsletter
Date: 2015
Publisher: University of Maryland, Baltimore. Office of the President
Subject Keywords: University of Maryland, Baltimore--Publications
Description: (Jan. 2015)- ; Issues include brief articles on topics of interest to the UMB community and announcements of faculty and staff awards, appointments, presentations, and publications.
Type: Newsletter/Magazine
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